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Review: Paper Republic Grand Voyageur

I reviewed a beautiful Paper Republic notebook over a year ago– that one was a small hardcover notebook with an elegant cover pattern. Now Paper Republic has branched off into something quite different, but also rather elegant: the Grand Voyageur travel notebook.

The style of this notebook is hardly unique– like the Midori Traveler’s Notebook and Pelle Journal, the Grand Voyageur is a leather cover with elastic bands that hold in smaller staple-bound or stitched notebooks, all held together with a horizontal elastic closure. The Grand Voyageur comes in a lovely gift box, and the minute you open it, you’ll notice the wonderful smell of real leather. I almost hate to review this notebook before using it for several months, because it’s made of the kind of rich, thick leather that should break in and soften and darken in color over time, developing a patina that no brand-new item can ever imitate.
The leather is Italian cow leather, vegetable-tanned without chemicals and hand -cut in Vienna, Austria.


The cover is designed to hold 2 notebooks, plus a passport and a pen, according to the packaging. There is no separate loop for a passport and pen, but there would be enough room within the cover to tuck them in along with the notebooks that are included.


The inner notebooks are a bit different in shape from the typical Field Notes or Moleskine Cahier format– these are about 4 x 5.5″, but standard 3.5 x 5.5″ notebooks would also fit. Shown below with a pocket Moleskine for size comparison.


The included Paper Republic notebooks were in two different colors, one with lined paper and one with plain. The paper is creamy and smooth and felt good to write on, with pretty typical show-through and bleed-through. Fountain pens feathered a bit.


Black and red covers are also available, as is a larger size. This pocket size costs 40 euros, and the large is 60 euros, so you’ll be making a bit of an investment, but the Grand Voyageur is a sturdy, refillable cover that you should be able to use for many years.

Review: Paper Republic Notebook

The lovely sample below arrived from Vienna, where Paper Republic is based. This is an example of their Noto collection, and it’s quite an international notebook: the Chiyogami paper cover is screen-painted by hand in Japan, the pages inside are made of Swedish paper, the notebook was bound in Budapest, Hungary and then was hand-numbered in Vienna.

Paper Republic1

From the company:

“Paper Republic’s mission is to craft authentic notebooks and journals according to traditional paper-making, printing and book-binding techniques.”

I love the result– it is beautiful and unique while being classic and very simple. When I opened the package, I went “oooh…” You can tell that care has gone into the binding and assembly. The quality seems very high, and everything is tight, square, and symmetrical. I like the look of the branding, and the hand-numbering is a nice touch.

Paper Republic2Paper Republic3Paper Republic4

The notebook is about 3 3/4 x 5 3/4″, just slightly bigger than a pocket Moleskine.

Paper Republic8Paper Republic9

The paper inside is smooth, but with a very slight tooth to it. All my usual pens worked well, with fountain pens showing a bit more saturated color than they do on some other papers. Some of the wetter pens feathered out a little bit, but bleed-through was a bit better than average, and show-through about average.

Paper Republic5Paper Republic6

I hope these notebooks will be making their way to some stores in the U.S. soon, but in the meantime, the Paper Republic website is offering free shipping worldwide. Other gorgeous cover designs are available, as well as a larger size. The small Noto notebooks are €14.95, which is a bit steep at the current conversion of about $19.95 USD, but for something of this quality, including shipping from Europe, it doesn’t seem outrageous. It’s nice to see a new notebook brand that pays such attention to detail and features such unusual, beautiful designs.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 7.29.27 PM

From the In-Box

Some more fun stuff submitted by readers:


From Ema:

i´m addicted to paper and everything that comes with it, since i´m
able to hold a pencil. in the first semester at the university(i´m studying design)
i took an bookbinding class and realised how easy it is to make my own
notebooks. now i´m the tutor of our university bookbinder and have
made so many notebooks that i can´t keep them all. it took me
some time (in truth some years) to let other people have them because i really love
all of my notebooks so much. but in the end i decided to make a little shop
on dawanda ( http://de.dawanda.com/shop/Emadam ),
where i sell my notebooks and all the stuff i can´t keep en masse
around my home.

i´m writing you this because when i found your website i realised that there
are so many other notebook addicts, that love notebooks too and who would
treat my notebooks right. and that fact makes it feel good to sell them and
make other people happy with just some paper and cardstuff 🙂

You can also read Ema’s blog about paper products, including notebooks: CraftAddict



From Ann:

I wanted to let you know about some nice little notebooks I found at Office Depot. They’re obvious Moleskine knock-offs, but they’re extremely cheap and I absolutely love them! They’re distributed by a company by the name of Swinton Avenue Trading Ltd, located in Boca Raton, FL. They’re $3.99 with 192 lined pages, and the paper is very smooth and is a nice creamy color. They hold up well, too!

Has anyone else seen these? I wasn’t finding them online.


From Dan:

The Petite Journal (3 inch X 3 inch) is designed to be used on the go, when our full size journals are at home.  The covers are all based on fruit crate art.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 12.13.07 PM
Tzachi introduces a new online shop:


Goodies for your space



Here’s some of their notebooks:

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 12.15.22 PM


And Jerome introduces Paper Republic:

paper republic  crafts stylish notebooks from the world’s best papers, including fantastic hand-made japanese and european papers. All our notebooks are crafted in Europe, have a 100g/m2 premium Swedish writing paper and are hand-numbered.

paper republic notebooks