Palimpsest’s Stationery Store Series

The blogger at Palimpsest does us all a great service with a fantastic series of posts about favorite stationery shops around the world, mostly in Europe. Each is well-documented with photos: Evripidis in Athens, Greece: Pen to Paper in Brighton, UK: I love visiting stationery shops when I travel. Even though the major brands like […]

Review: Piccadilly Softcover Notebook

This is another notebook I bought about 3 years ago and then immediately shelved. When I first examined it after buying it, I pretty much hated it. I bought it because it was cheap and I’d never tried a softcover Piccadilly, though I’d liked using some of their hardcover ones with graph or plain paper. […]

Obligatory Black Friday Post

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and are stuffed with good food. If you’re starting your holiday shopping now, don’t forget to consider the Notebook Stories Store on Amazon for a selection of notebooks, sketchbooks, journals, pens, and books about sketchbooks and journaling.  Blick Art Materials is also a great source for sketchbooks, pens […]

Rands In Repose on Notebooks

The passage below is from a post a few years old but I only just recently came across it. The writer has some great insights about notebooks and does an in-depth comparison of various models he’s used:   The primary goal of a notebook is to get out of the way… to disappear. It does […]

Review: Kokuyo and Maruman Notebooks from Jet Pens

JetPens is renowned as a fabulous source of, well, pens… but they also stock a lot of great notebooks too. Brad at Jet Pens was kind enough to send me some samples for review– let’s take a look! These 3 notebooks are give a first impression of sleekness, somehow. The covers are smooth, and they […]

My Favorite Pens

Sometimes, a notebook is only as good as what you write in it with. A notebook can have the best paper in the world, but it still won’t be enjoyable to use with a crappy pen. Over the years, I’ve tried many different pens, but I’ve finally narrowed my choices down to a few favorites, […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Gracie

This week’s addict emailed me a hot tip:  I just got home from a recent trip to Canada. I am not sure if you know this but there’s a store there called Dollarama and they sell moleskine-like notebooks for $2. They are a good alternative to the real thing and a LOT cheaper! She also […]

Review & Giveaway: Stillman & Birn Sketchbooks

There are so many different kinds of paper artists can use, and so many materials that demand different surfaces. When you’re in an art supply shop, there are multiple options for loose sheets and large spiral-bound sketchpads, but when it comes to smaller hardcover sketchbooks, each brand only seems to offer one option… why? You’d […]

Leuchtturm Review at

At the Guardian website, Steven Poole takes a look at a Leuchtturm notebook: The most bruited feature of the Leuchtturm, meanwhile, one to which a circular sticker on the cellophane packaging is devoted, is that the paper is “ink proof”. They are not claiming that the mere addition of ink to the pages causes all […]

Moleskine Monday: Pencils and Backpacks and Apps, Oh My!

The blogosphere has been buzzing for the last couple of weeks about all Moleskine’s new non-notebook items (not the underwear, though!) The Core77 article has lots of pictures but just focuses on the genesis of the designs without actually reviewing the products. Wired is skeptical. PSFK is enthusiastic. The Wall Street Journal deems the messenger […]