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Make Your Own Leather Notebook Cover

I’ve gotten questions from readers before about alternatives to some of the pricy leather notebook covers out there. I haven’t spotted that many cheap ones for sale, until recently discovering Davis Leatherworks, which seems to have some nice-looking and inexpensive covers. But if you enjoy creativity and you’re willing to put in a little effort, you can make your own for a reasonable price. Julie at The Gadgeteer has a great tutorial with detailed information on how to do it:
Make it yourself – Midori Traveler’s style leather Moleskine Cahier or Field Notes notebook cover

You’ll start with this:

And end up with this:

The design can be adapted to any size notebook. Some of the low cost depends on making more than one notebook cover, but think how excited all your notebook-loving friends will be when you give them your extra handmade notebooks as holiday gifts!

NYC Bookbinding Class: Make a Notebook

A bookbinding studio in New York is offering a class where you can make a pocket notebook, with elastic closure and back pocket. Could be a fun way to spend a few hours!
It’s on April 20, 2013.

Find out more at Full Tilt Bookbinding Classes.

More on Washi Tape Notebooks

After seeing this post while ago, a reader named Saaleha sent me a link to a notebook she’d decorated with washi tape and used as a travel journal:

Washi tape is a wonder.
I carry along a few small rolls whenever I travel so that I can quickly stick down any ephemera I encounter into my journal.
I wish I’d started doing this sooner; I’d come home with packets of ticket stubs and paper coasters from a  trip and end up trashing it all because there just wasn’t enough time (or the inclination) to sit down and journal it.
Here’s a travel journal I embellished with washi and decorative masking tape:

I love the beautiful colors and patterns– such a simple and elegant way to embellish a plain notebook. This inspirted me to go looking for some more notebooks decorated with washi tape:

Washi Tape Notebook Tutorial:

Moleskine + Washi Tape:

Washi Tape Notebook:

So many colors and patterns… the possibilities are endless!

How To Make Library Card Notebooks

Here’s a neat tutorial on how to make cute little notebooks out of library cards:

Find out more at paper n stitch – Make These: Little Library Card Notebooks – A daily dose of handmade, design, and style inspiration.

How To Keep a Notebook

A WikiHow page on “How to Keep a Notebook:”

Step 1: Decide the purpose for your notebook. Will you write down your inventions? Will you write ideas for the screenplay, novel, poems you will someday write? Will you write down thoughts and ideas related to a particular project? Or do you simply want to have a place to jot your to-do list or shopping list?

Six more steps and additional tips will help guide and inspire the aspiring notebook user. I liked this photo from the WikiHow page too– this person could be a Notebook Addict of the Week!