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Moleskine Monday: Office Stash

Here’s the latest photo of the spare Moleskines I keep in my office… You know, for emergencies…

There are more at home…

Notebook Addict of the Week: Didier

This week’s addict is a Frenchman who is crazy about notebooks! Il est fou de carnets, I guess you’d say! He also has a lot of fun documenting his notebook addiction in videos.

Didier says:

Take a look on some of my links on the Wiiiiild Wide Web:

Voila !

I have between 100 & 200 notebooks.., from 7cm until A4 size and more… ; ) from different brands, styles, material etc.

BUT… BUT, and this is… a bit.. « strange »… They are totally empty. Not used. Never used. All blank. White. Lol.

I love the « object » as it is, more than the tool to use…

Hoping to be in the Notebook Insane of the Week!

Merci á Didier for sharing his insane addiction!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Esme (again)

Esmé has been featured here as a notebook addict before, back in January 2014. Since then, their collection has been expanding , filling a whole additional shelf!

Esmé writes:

“So I’m now 17, as of last week (I was 15 when I last submitted I think), and I’ve been collecting notebooks for the last couple of years. I have journals from when I was 9, and since I was 14-ish I’ve been keeping all my general notebooks, creative writing notebooks, and sketchbooks (I used to tear out the useful pages and bin the rest…)
In the photos, you’ll see

  • my entire filled notebook collection (except my first 12 journals, which are in my loft)
  • some pages from old journals (the small black moleskine is the one I took with me to Namibia this year, on a school expedition)
  • my collection of in-use notebooks and examples of their contents (a page from my sketchbook, a page from my creative writing notebook, a page from my quote book, a page from my current general notebooks, and a spread in my current journal)
  • my blank notebooks

Writing down my thoughts has helped me figure out so many things- opinions, feelings…most importantly to me, my gender identity, which I finally understood after several pages of “I don’t feel like a girl or a boy at all ohh no!” ramblings.
My friend told me recently that “someone could take all your notebooks and just… become you”, which is pretty indicative of how much I write and draw day-to-day!

Thanks for being a reminder that if my notebook habit is weird then I’m not the only weirdo around!”

Indeed, we’re all pretty weird here if notebook addiction is any indication… but hey, who needs “normal!”

Here’s Esmé’s photos:

esme addict again17

esme addict again16

esme addict again15

esme addict again14

esme addict again13

esme addict again12

esme addict again11

esme addict again10

esme addict again09

esme addict again08

esme addict again07

esme addict again06

esme addict again05

esme addict again04

esme addict again03

esme addict again02

I love Esme’s dense pages of writing and collage, and the commitment to filling lots of those pages, especially at such a young age! Keep it up, Esmé, and thank you for sharing your addiction!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Clara

I stumbled across this week’s addict in her blog post celebrating National Stationery Day in 2012, where she lists a few of her favorite items, including, of course, notebooks!



Moleskine notebooks, great piles of them: black for Proper Writing, occasionally red for moments of wild frivolity. Sometimes, if a story is going badly, I convince myself that the notebook paper isn’t QUITE the right shade of off-white, or the right thickness, so I rush out and buy a pile more.”



“Little notebooks for my bag (getting smaller and smaller if I lack confidence in what I’m writing in them)…”

See more at I’ll show you mine… | Sunny side up!.

Notebook Addict of the Week: JournalJoy

This week’s addict emailed me some lovely photos of an extensive collection!

image_1 image_2 image

In her own words:

I have been writing since I was 13 years old and have had passion for journals ever since. A good notebook inspires me and tickles my creativity, makes me wanna express myself on it’s crisp untouched pages. It’s always there, nudging me to explore life and to dig a little deeper.
I mostly use Leuchtturm 1917, along with Moleskine, Ogami, Rustico and many more.
About a year ago I started a YouTube channel called Journaljoy, https://www.youtube.com/user/journaljoy
where I mostly do notebook reviews and comparisons, like this one:

I am looking forward to watching some of those videos so I can see this collection in even more detail! Thanks for sharing your addiction, Journaljoy!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Allister

Allister emailed me to share this photo of his collection, which is one of the most attractively arranged ones I’ve seen!

alistair addict

Allister also makes notebooks:

“Last year, I decided to take this passion a little further and opened an Etsy store selling Japanese notebooks that I hand-make myself. That way, I can experience that delightful feeling of holding a brand new and freshly made notebook in my hand every day. (… without my home exploding from a sea of notebooks, since they get sold and have to be shipped away 😛 )”


That is a great way to deal with an addiction, and they’re beautiful notebooks! Thanks for sharing, Allister!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Bubba

This week’s addict emailed me some photos and the following story:

“I’ve loved notebooks since I was a little kid. But this year things got crazy with the super cheap back to school sales at Staples, Walmart, and the dollar stores. Even though a single notebook was as cheap as $0.50, I ended up spending around $80 to fill up the spare room in my cubicle at work with single subject and composition books. When I ran out of space the impulse thankfully melted away, and now I’m happily imagining all the wonderful things I’m going to use my (probably lifetime supply) of writing materials. I just filled one single subject book up this week, and opened another. The sheer volume of materials that I have motivate me to use them for jotting down stories, solving math problems, taking school notes, lists, work notes, and preparing for when the baby comes. Attached are pictures of my stash. I don’t know exactly how many I have unused, probably 160! O_o”

bubba addict6

bubba addict5

bubba addict4

bubba addict3

bubba addict2

bubba addict1

I love notebook collections with variety, but I think I love it even more when I see a collection that single-minded focuses on hoarding a favorite style of notebook, and this is sure one of those! Thanks for sharing your addiction, Bubba!

Moleskine Monday: Image Search

Just for the heck of it, today I did a Google image search for “collection of Moleskines.” Here’s what I got:

collection of moleskines

Notebook Addict of the Week: Neysa

This week’s addict emailed me these photos of her collection:

image1 image2 image3 image4

Her favorite is the pink Moleskine. Next on her wishlist? A customized Smythson. I like how the pinkish color tone seems to recur throughout her collection despite the wide variety in colors and designs.

Thanks for sharing your addiction, Neysa!

Frances G. Spencer’s Notebook

Here’s an interesting historical notebook– one of dozens that belonged to Frances G. Spencer, who traveled around the country collecting sheet music in the mid-20th century. Her collection, one of the largest in the US, is now housed in the archives of Baylor University.

“The Frances G. Spencer Collection of American Popular Sheet Music contains approximately 30,000 pieces of music published between the late 1700s and mid-1900s. Collected over two decades by its namesake, the collection features pieces by prominent composers such as Irving Berlin, Scott Joplin and Stephen Foster, as well as rarities and first editions of pieces including Jingle Bells and Battle Hymn of the Republic. This collection is being actively digitized and new pieces are added to this digital archive on a monthly basis…”

“As she collected, Frances created her own categories for sorting the pieces into sub-collections. Major headings included Transportation, Musical Comedies, Songs of the Confederacy, Ziegfeld Follies and more. In all, she created dozens of these categories and kept meticulous notes about which pieces she placed in each. She kept similar lists of pieces she was looking to collect in small notebooks, dozens of which are preserved in her archival papers.”

Read more at Frances G. Spencer Collection of American Popular Sheet Music.